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medium body, well-balanced espresso roast


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To ensure richness in taste, all orders containing coffee are processed with respect to their roasting dates and bean maturity.

origin |

The TUNKI is traditionally and sustainably grown on small terraced plantations in the southern Peruvian Andean slopes at the entrance to the Tambopata National Reserve. There the coffee cherries develop in mixed cultures with reduced solar radiation under shade trees. It originates from the small farmer’s coffee cooperative “Central de Cooperativas Agrarias Cafetaleras” (CECOVASA). Being imported from Kaffee Siddhartha from Saarbrücken, Germany. Behind Siddhartha Kaffee are Alexandra Zapata and Christoph Pietz as well as Alexandra’s mother who looks after the company and thus the export to Germany directly in Peru. 


properties |

TUNKI is a pure Arabica coffee of the varieties Bourbon, Caturra and Typica and grows at an altitude of 1,500 m (high grown / hard bean). The coffee cherries are handpicked when harvested and washed with natural spring water (wet processing). The glassaminos are dried in the sun and organic certified. The high quality of the coffee has received several awards in recent years.


 taste |

TUNKI is a very balanced coffee. It has a minor acidity and a medium body. A rich dark chocolate aroma, a hint of honey, as well as a savoury aftertaste. 


engagement |

The small farmer coffee cooperative CEOCOVASA has been Fair Trade certified since 1993. The green coffee prices that are paid for the TUNKI in direct trade are independent of the world market price and include a surcharge to secure the income of the smallholders and to ensure sustainable management. In addition, investments are made in the education of the children in the cultivation region. In order to maintain and continuously improve the coffee quality, the coffee farmers are trained in the topics of quality and logistics. Investments in production facilities and infrastructure are also among the on-site supporting measures.

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Peru, Tunkimayo/Yanamayo




fully washed


Medium Roast

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Oliver and his team at Crosscoffee accompany our journey in the world of specialty coffee for almost three years. However he started roasting coffee already in 2013, owning a pop-up shop in 2014, constantly diversifying and growing his venture.

When we visit Bremen, Oliver opens the doors to his roastery with a smirk on his lips. A lover of detail, dedicated to share his project coffees, especially on Fridays when he opens his workplace to public. We love to come by and visit, especially because he likes to share a great filter coffee while having a great conversation.

Crosscoffee |
Our philosophy – first of all we simply want to roast great coffee. To comply with our idea of a great coffee we search for really great coffee outside the traditional roasting collectives. We consciously limit our selection of coffee.
We invest a lot of time and effort in our selection of raw coffee beans. We are aiming for a unique finishing touch in all our roasts, complying with the singular characteristics of every coffee.

How |
“We source our seasonal freshly roasted raw coffees only with importers who exclusively work with small coffee farmers and cooperatives. We pay close attention to social and ecological sustainability. Also when it comes to specifications for harvest, processing and cultivation.
As the coffee arrives in our roastery, we work with precision on the roast profile to obtain a great taste profile.

Why |
We stand for extraordinary coffees, roasted with dedication. Fresh products, based on seasonal harvest and microlots. Working with coffee that helps to create social and ecological equality at the country of origin. Not to forget for the fun of enjoying coffee.