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light body , clean, bright acidity – filter coffee


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To ensure richness in taste, all orders containing coffee are processed with respect to their roasting dates and bean maturity.

Ajere, Yirgacheffe, Ehtiopia, Africa – natural

The Ajere holds wonderful surprises. Altering the brewing profile always brings out all the different flavor nuances in this coffee and yet it remains super sweet and floral. Notes of fruit tea, jasmine and lavender alternate with rose, nougat, peach, honey and more. A very playful coffee, which, by the way, a longer degassing time does well.


Flavour profile:
Lavender, jasmin, fruit tea, rose, nougat, honey, lemon, cinnamon notes. Quite sweet and floral with a lively acidity and a light yet complex body.

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Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe


Espresso, Filter




Light Roast

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Oliver and his team at Crosscoffee accompany our journey in the world of specialty coffee for almost three years. However he started roasting coffee already in 2013, owning a pop-up shop in 2014, constantly diversifying and growing his venture.

When we visit Bremen, Oliver opens the doors to his roastery with a smirk on his lips. A lover of detail, dedicated to share his project coffees, especially on Fridays when he opens his workplace to public. We love to come by and visit, especially because he likes to share a great filter coffee while having a great conversation.

Crosscoffee |
Our philosophy – first of all we simply want to roast great coffee. To comply with our idea of a great coffee we search for really great coffee outside the traditional roasting collectives. We consciously limit our selection of coffee.
We invest a lot of time and effort in our selection of raw coffee beans. We are aiming for a unique finishing touch in all our roasts, complying with the singular characteristics of every coffee.

How |
“We source our seasonal freshly roasted raw coffees only with importers who exclusively work with small coffee farmers and cooperatives. We pay close attention to social and ecological sustainability. Also when it comes to specifications for harvest, processing and cultivation.
As the coffee arrives in our roastery, we work with precision on the roast profile to obtain a great taste profile.

Why |
We stand for extraordinary coffees, roasted with dedication. Fresh products, based on seasonal harvest and microlots. Working with coffee that helps to create social and ecological equality at the country of origin. Not to forget for the fun of enjoying coffee.