Nora Salvat Art – Tote Bag

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handmade tote bags – unique desgins


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Delivery time: 3-4 working days*

Every bag is unique. it might take a few days to be painted for you.

To ensure richness in taste, all orders containing coffee are processed with respect to their roasting dates and bean maturity.

Handmade Tote Bags designed by Nora Salvat


This daily companion will let you store your belongings in style. All tote bags are unique, hand-painted and designed in Girona with love and attention to detail.

Our love for coffee is displayed in the creations of creative, sustainable shopping bags.

made from 100% cotton.


Feel free to reach out for your customized tote bag here.


Nora Salvat Art




Arabica, Café Puente, Personas Café

*Valid for shipments to Spain peninsular. Delivery times for other countries may differ. Please refer to the following shipping costs


Nora Salvat is a self taught artist born in Girona, Catalunya. Her creations are surrounded by light and colors. Usually fantastic colorful landscapes with people in them,  picturing the connection between humans, nature and the elements.

Nora also uses her creativity to do other art pieces like tote bags, ceramic, postcards and commission work.

“El arte es aquello que nos hace conectar con el amor cuando nosotros mismos no somos capaces de hacerlo. Es el canal de conexión entre el mundo espiritual y el físico en forma de materia o de vibración”

— Nora Salvat